Посольский Спасо-Преображенский мужской монастырь на Байкале - A Brief History
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A Brief History

In 1681 on the shores of Lake Baikal, in place of the murder of Russian ambassadors had founded a monastery that served as a shield and bulwark of Russia Orthodoxy in these distant lands from Moscow. Thanks to the arrival of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Trans-Baikal region Russia has moved deeper into the East, without giving a foothold in the Far East, China, Mongolia and Japan. The first vicar of Holy Transfiguration Monastery, founded on the river Prorva (now Great River, the village Posolskoye, Buryatia), was the abbot Theodosius, one of the founders of the monastery of Our Lady Sanaksar. In the 30th years of XX century, all the monasteries of Transbaikalia were destroyed.

In 1995, the St. Nicholas church of the monastery was founded Orthodox parish.With the arrival of Bishop Eustace Department of Chita, in 2000 the parish was converted into a monastery. The revival of monastic life in the oldest monastery on the shores of Lake Baikal.

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II on one of the diocesan assembly said:
"We have to realize that against our people is a well-planned, bloodless war, waged to destroy it. In Russia today, created a huge market for alcohol, drugs, pornography, enriching foreign firms and the Mafia, whose activity has caused an unprecedented demographic crisis in our country at an unprecedented pace, and leads to degeneration and extinction of our people. We do not see that anyone other than the Church, opposed this threat seriously. Reviving the monasteries, we are reviving our church, the only intercessor of our multinational people of the motherland. "

In Russia, our homeland, there is an encroachment and physical - in eastern Siberia, and in the whole country, there is expansion of the foreign population, particularly active both in the Far East. Holy Gates, a shield of Russia on these lines has long been the Ambassador's Monastery, the main point on the way to China, Mongolia, one of the places on the Tea Way, once - the largest port on Lake Baikal.

Vicar Ambassadors Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Hieromonk Nicholas's father, at the conference "The Russian Orthodox Church in Siberia: History and Modernity" (2003, gor.Ulan-Ude) said:
"Why Russian Orthodox monasteries look like a fortress? Because they were actually fortresses and defended at the time of the invasion of foreigners Russian people. Orthodox monasteries have been and are spiritual strongholds for the Orthodox members of society, not just for them. In modern times, restoring the monasteries, we must remember that our duty - to restore the spiritual strength and wealth will give the Lord, for it is written: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and the rest will follow."

Required to restore the monastery of the order of 90 million rubles. The monastery has a number of donators, but their capacity is not sufficient to restore the monastery. The brethren of the monastery are hoping that with the help of God Embassy abode will be restored and will once again become a defender and a stronghold of Orthodoxy in the East.

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