Посольский Спасо-Преображенский мужской монастырь на Байкале - Contact Information
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Contact Information

Directions to the monastery:

The monastery can be reached
Minibus from the city of Ulan-Ude. Coach departs from the station square station of Ulan-Ude, twice a day: at 11.00 (landing with 10.00) and 19.00 (landing from 18.00).
On the electric train from the station of Ulan-Ude, or from the station to stop Mysovaya Big River.
Train station Embassy, ??through the village of Big River on the associated transport of 12 km.
At the federal highway M-55 "Irkutsk-Chita." Lapel on the village of Bolshaya River is designated.
Village Posolskoye on Yandex.Maps
In the monastery, by prior arrangement organized tours of the monastery.
The monastery runs the hotel "Pilgrim House".

The daily routine at the monastery:

5.30 - The rise of the brethren. On Sundays and holidays (Vigil liturgy) days - 6.00

6.00 - Polunoshnitsa. On Sundays and holidays (Vigil liturgy) days - at 6:30 am usually.

7:00 am - Divine Liturgy. On weekends - 9.00.

12.00 - Lunch.

16.00 - Lunch.

17.00 - Evening worship.

20.00 - Dinner.

20.30 - Compline and Evening rule.

23.00 - End.

Rites perpetrated in the monastery:
Baptism - every Sunday from 12.00. Record from Candle shop in 1130.
The funeral service - by appointment with the priest.
The consecration of things - as needed.
Candle in the shop made a note on the commemoration of "the health", "for the repose," as well as Prayers for the year, six months, 40 days. Remembrance can also be sent by post to the address of the monastery: 671 206, Resp.Buryatiya, Kabanskiy district, s.Posolskoe, ul.Koltsevaya the monastery. The cost for the commemoration of the same name: 40 days - 100 rubles.; Six months - 300 rubles.; Year - 500 rubles

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